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"If a hunt in South Africa is on your "bucket list", wait no longer..."

This was an experience of a lifetime. If you have any worries about going to South Africa; get them out of your mind. Rufus Luttig, his head tracker (Vuanne) & the rest of the HuntSA crew have everything planned out & take care of everything from airport pickup to your return flight back home. 5-star service including but not limited to great private rooms, delicious homemade meals & lots of game to choose from. Brad Rauch (the HuntSA USA rep) will handle all your needs from start to finish & answer any questions you may have for a truly great adventure.

 My hunt was unbelievable with memories that will last a lifetime. I was very fortunate to harvest a world class  old "Duggaboy” Cape Buffalo; that in  itself was a heart pounding experience. I also took several other SCI record book animals.

This hunt was my 2nd trip with Rufus & I’m planning on another trip with HuntSA next year. My last best hunt is the next best hunt I’m going to with “HuntSA”.

If a hunt in S. Africa is on your “Bucket list”; wait no longer, Rufus at “HuntSA” is a must. You need to “reward yourself” & make contact with Brad Rauch 406-249-7068 as soon as possible to set up an unbelievable experience, you’ll be glad you did.

G.L. Hamilton
"We can't thank you guys enough for the amazing trip you helped us with.The memories are something we cherish more than anything in the world."

We still talk about our trip with Rufus almost daily!   


We can't thank you guys enough for the amazing trip you helped us with and the memories are something we cherish more than anything in the world. You guys truly made the trip what it was.

Above the game and the heavenly views, the people we met along the way are one of the things we talk about the most.  We find our selves missing them all so much from time to time. 

Dan Jones Gold Medal Eland 2019.jpg
Dan Jones Sable 2019.jpg

Dan Jones and his Gold Medal SCI Sable

And, not only have we told so many people our stories about what we got to hunt and see, but also what you guys do on a daily basis. And they are amazed! 

Serving Jehovah Jireh Haven orphanage with our harvested meat really touched us. I know words really cant describe how amazing  Brad and Rufus are and the work you're doing. 

You guys were so willing to work with us and helped us prepare. At times we were a little nervous to go out of this country with people we've never met. But once we were there we realized how well you helped us prepare and how big Brad and Rufus's hearts are. 

Thank you for everything!

Dan and Katie Jones
Hamilton, Montana



Dan and Katie Jones with their Gold                       Medal  SCI  Eland

" 7th heaven....
we could not be happier with the whole experience...
I will never be able to top this trip..."

Steve and Holly Oswald enjoyed HuntSA! Here are Holly's thoughts.


"First trip to South Africa to hunt - best place ever!! Rufus takes total care of you in South Africa… Brad handles everything getting you to South Africa. Professional, attentive and my Husband was in 7th Heaven hunting at HuntSA. He could not be happier with the whole experience.

Thank you again for all the help getting us booked with HuntSA. Rufus and everyone that works at the ranch could not have been nicer.  Rufus was great to take us to ADDO Elephant Park after going to Jehovah Jireh Haven orphanage where we gave meat from our hunt to the children's home. 


This was the best hunting trip I have taken hubby on.  We were a little worried as we have not had much luck with other ones I have sent him on.  Rufus really has a great set up in South Africa.  Steve said that I will never be able to top this trip.  He spent today showing the pictures to 3 of his friends.


The travel agent you set us up with did perfect!!  We were even very pleased with the gun rental instead of trying to take the gun over.  I have been posting positive reviews and telling all the hunters we know about the place”!

Steve Oswald
"'s time people learn and understand hunting in Africa can be more than killing a lion..."

Hunt SA is an African adventure and experience, not just a hunting destination. I am a conservation educator and environmentalist, and I have to say, Rufus provides an incredible classroom and learning experience.


I have taught thousands of children and adults, but learned so much while with Hunt SA.  Rufus and Hunt SA allowed me to experience what textbooks write about and organizations strive to achieve.


It is time people learn and understand, hunting in Africa can be more than killing a lion, or rich people filling their trophy rooms. Rufus has taken steps to move in that direction. I hope I and others can help.


-Keith Hannaman.

(Feel free to contact Keith at

Keith Hannaman  
"...took at least one world record animal each!"

My two oldest sons and I recently returned from our Safari with HuntSA. We had an awesome time, shark diving with great whites, fishing in the ocean, completing an amazing hunting safari, and visiting the Christian school and orphanage we support there.


The boys and I took at least one world record animal each! We had a total of 9 top 10 animals in the world, taken with muzzleloader or rifle. 8 were Safari club gold medals.

South Africa is very inexpensive, and really a fun place to visit and vacation. This was my third trip, and after this hunt, I am sure the boys would like to go back sometime.


The Lord blessed our hunt, as we were well fed, healthy, shot straight, and were lucky too – and had great weather, as usual! We also had the best hunting guide/rancher there is, Rufus Luttig, who comes to the US every year to find hunters and/or those that want to help the locals there in SA.  


I highly recommend Rufus to anyone who is interested.  (Feel free to contact Glen at

Glen Prestegaard  
Erin Fitzsimmons   
"...has truly been a Life Changing Experience!"

If I could give HuntSA more than 5 stars, I would!!! My dad and I are sitting at the airport in Port Elizabeth not wanting to return to our lives in the States. We just wanted to give a HUGE thank you to Rufus and the HuntSA clan.This trip has truly been a "Life Changing Experience!"


The hospitality from the HuntSA team is warm and welcoming. Not to mention the amazing hunting! Rufus and Vuanne are a blast to hunt with and they will never let you shoot anything small! Fourteen animals in seven days with all of them making the book; that is unheard of!


My dad, Alan, came here in 2012 and left with many memories and smiles. Now, in 2016, it was my turn to experience this journey and I left with just as many memories, smiles, and new friends. And I can honestly say Rufus is like an uncle I never had and a brother my dad never had.


I was blessed to have had the hunting experience along with meeting all the amazing children at Jehovah Jireh Haven and Alexandria Christian Academy. We will see you soon, Rufus!


God Bless, from Alan and Erin Fitzsimmons. 

(Feel free to contact Erin or Alan at 

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