I Guess I'll Need More Than A Carry-On

Packing for South Africa can be more intimidating than the flight, jetlag, hunt, or anything else for that matter. In order to save you some time and energy, I'm going to list what I bring on a 3 week journey and you can adjust accordingly. I'm getting pretty good at this since I've been to South Africa and more specifically, Rufus' ranch 11 times in the last few years. The ranch can be fairly cool at night and sweaty as all get out during the day. You'll need to pack some great gear in order to really enjoy your stay. You don't have to spend a ton of money; however, the more technically sound the gear, the more you'll be ready to take on the elements. I think you are going to need a med

10 Foods That You'll Get In South Africa

In South Africa, you'll find dishes influenced by the indigenous population, along with the Dutch, French, Indians and Malaysians and as such it offers a vibrant cuisine that's sure to excite the palate. When you set foot on South African soil, don't leave before you've enjoyed a traditional braai, as much for the barbecued food as for the cultural experience. Follow it up with a popular melktert (custard-filled pastry) and if you fancy a little snifter to finish then a sweet and creamy glass of Amarula (liqueur) will definitely do the trick. Must "eats" while in South Africa include: Biltong & Droewors Dry curing was a method used to preserve meat by the indigenous tribes of South Africa b

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