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It's Hog Heaven at HuntSA!

One of the most exciting species to pursue at HuntSA are warthogs! They are a mainstay on the list, not only for the challenge, but for the groceries they provide!​

Very delicious in the form of sausage, steak, biltong and in the brine pot!

Just in the past month, hunters have bagged some of the largest trophy boars ever taken on the HuntSA Ranch!

JD and Jacob bagged these two boars in mid October 2016! No they have not been photo shopped!!!


They may not be beautiful on the outside, but they are delicious on the inside!

When you hunt warthogs, you will also want to shoot a female as well. We donate your harvest to the orphan care centers we support and you will be able to deliver it in person!

On a very rare occasion, We are able to bag a bushpig!! Congratulations to Danny Souder on taking out this pest!

So, remember when you book your hunt for Kudu, Impala, Bushbuck, Zebra and Wildebeest, don't forget to put a "Pumba" on your list!

We are booking strong for 2017 and now we can take your deposit via credit card with our secure online provider!!

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